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Thoughts On "Himbos'

From Dr. Helen.

I've never been one, but not because I didn't want to be (at least when I wasn't in a relationship). I am, after all, a guy. But other (attractive) women have always governed my urge for promiscuity. It might be because I was never the "bad boy."


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Habitat Hermit wrote:

Himbo... hmm no I think I'll still refer to male bimbos as just that: bimbos.

And I like the fact that bimbo means poor in Japanese --fitting.

P.S. I don't consider female or male bimbos liberated in any way except for in the same way as headless chickens are liberated ^_^

P.P.S. I wonder if anyone has done the "a line down the beak onto something else" trick with bimbos? I bet it would work ^_^

P.P.P.S. Without the decapitation part of course...

wickedpinto wrote:

Most of the promiscuous men I know, especially one in particular had more than a little bit of a self destructive streak to them.

Now I mean outright promiscuous, "I don't know your name, and I don't care," kinda horny.

Then again there are issues with the serialy engaged guys I knew.

Though, finaly, women who must satisfy their animal urges at the expense of everything else "I don't know your name, and I don't care," are the same, and the women who are serially engaged, have the same issues.

Doc is right, it isn't that one is one way and the other isn't, it's that they both are.

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