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Top Eleven Things

...that geeks would do with $700B.

I can tell you that if I had that much money to play with, I can guarantee that, within two decades, asteroids wouldn't be a worry any more. And there would be a tourist resort on the moon.

[Via (where else?) Geek Press]


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Leland wrote:

I'm not sure the amount would cover #7.

Brock wrote:

I, for one, could certainly use a few more seasons of Firefly.

As for #7, I'd prefer to launch six Bigelow modules in a 3-axis cross formation and inflate a low pressure screen-printed sphere around the whole thing to make it look like the Death Star. It wouldn't be lifesize, and the laser-dish would just be a hatch, but I have no designs to destroy the world anyway.

Josh Reiter wrote:

I'd buy the world a Coke.

"4. Start nationwide chain of Soylent Green restaurants."

Will they serve Ben & Jerry's for dessert?

kert wrote:

can i have
- ISRU demo ( lunox, iron, lunar solar cells, whatever )
- space solar power demo

thanks ?

Andy wrote:

Will they serve Ben & Jerry's for dessert?

No, they would serve Ben and Jerry.

bbbeard wrote:

How about abolishing the MPAA and RIAA, legalizing file sharing, and forcing "entertainers" to, you know, entertain for a living? Not just record one performance and live off the royalties, I mean get out there, work every day -- play music, act, whatever -- thus forcing them to establish savings and to worry about retirement just like the rest of us "untalented" folk? That would solve a host of problems, including stifling the haranguing of the worthless Hollywood "let them pay taxes" crowd.... The music might even sound better.

Pro Libertate wrote:

Mars Disney.

Louise wrote:

How about a large, self-sufficient outpost on the Moon like Moonbase Alpha or the movie 2001.

Harley wrote:

L-5...O'Neill colony.

I'd spend that $700 bil on a launch-capable linear accelerator. (Yes I have read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.)

Fletcher Christian wrote:

Alan, for that much you could have the linac and the moonbase to go with it. Never mind; Mr. Bush chose to spend a similar (maybe larger) amount on buying votes for his party by blowing holes in Iraq. (shrug)

At least a little of the $700 billion might be recouped by seizing the assets of the greedy, dishonest wunch of bankers that made this mess in the first place. On that note, I propose that as a new collective noun for bankers. It might resonate better with Brits than Americans, though.

Mr. Bush chose to spend a similar (maybe larger) amount on buying votes for his party by blowing holes in Iraq.

Why would Bush buy votes he already had? If I were a vote-bribing right-of-center president, I would use bribe money to attract votes from the left of center. Stainless steel levees for the NOLA Ninth Ward. Extra-hackable electronic voting booths for Chicago's First Ward. Ted Kennedy prescription drug welfare program. (Wait a minute - he did sign up for that last one...)

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