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Oil closed below eighty bucks today. Which was inevitable.

[Wednesday morning update]

Below seventy two dollars this morning. That's going to put a crimp on Chavez' and Ahmadinejad's murderous ambitions.


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Mike Puckett wrote:

Can we call this bubble popped?

memomachine wrote:


Well it looks like Hugo Chavez is screwed.

Eric Weder wrote:

Much lower and we'll have some issues in the other direction - the big companies will pull back on new projects especially in the oil sands where development costs are higher. Might have a big impact on construction workers & all the support industries.

Hal Duston wrote:

And gas is $2.60/gallon down three cents from yesterday in Kansas City, MO.

Kelly Starks wrote:

Doesn't anyone want to shed a tear for Putins petro state Russian having to curtail invasions for a while?


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