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"Vetting" The Media

Ace has had enough, and thinks that it's time to start.


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john hare wrote:

Comment 4 over there was the only thing I saw with a realistic chance of getting going. Create a News Busters cable show. It has a chance of making money and having an effect. Judging from the "reality" show copycats and spin offs, it could become the next rage with material starved television producers.

ken anthony wrote:

I was cheering when I read that post yesterday. After the election, regardless of the outcome, there is a lot of work to be done. I think Ace's thoughts are just tip of the iceberg.

Anger and frustration have reached a level that needs direction. Some people have crossed the line to become domestic enemies and would destroy America if unchecked. Their influence needs to be absolutely destroyed and the damage fixed.

Action needs to be taken, both in the open and in secret. The enemy needs to be destroyed to the point that they can not reconstitute themselves, at most being a fringe that can be safely (and I mean only if safely) ignored.

    The news media.
  • Aid and comfort given to the enemy should have consequences.
  • Revealing secrets in time of war should have consequences.
  • Attacking ordinary citizens while giving a pass to their guy should have consequences.
  • Schools should teach history and economics not their perverted social agenda.
  • It time to call bullshit on the teacher's pay issue.
  • We need to kill funding to commie factories. Those professors should not be able to find work anyplace in America.

We need a purge of government. How many of those on Senator McCarthy's list were actually communist spies? ALL OF THEM (some of which we didn't know until fairly recently.)

We can not rehabilitate the domestic enemy or make any more excuses for them. McCain is an example of the problem that needs a solution.

Nobody came anywhere close to FDT during the primaries in expressing the ideals that we need in a president. The fact that we let the media destroy him with the 'no fire in the belly' bullshit should never happen. Ever. Again.

This country hangs in the balance. My fear is that it may already be too late. It's time the adults take charge. Way past time.

This should include Reagan's eleventh commandment (although identifying a republican may be difficult.)

Personally, I think McCain is an example of crossing the line even though he does have some good qualities.

I really think deep meditation on Reagan's thoughts should be required of all republicans.

I'm angry and I want this fixed. I will stay angry, to eternity, until this is fixed. There can be no compromise with those that would destroy America.

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