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Win Or Lose

McCain should be firing these people after the election:

McCain aides continue to go viciously negative--on their vice presidential candidate. Mike Allen has a McCain aide calling Palin a "whack job." This is part of the problem with Palin getting assigned aides with no loyalty to her.

There is no excuse for this kind of behavior--dishing dirt on background to a hostile press--in the last week of (or any time during) a campaign.


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Jeff Medcalf wrote:

You are making the assumption that the news media is reporting the truth. I do not think that is a generally safe assumption to make.

Carl Pham wrote:

Yeah, I'm with Jeff, Rand. You're assuming this isn't something Politico just made up in order to further the Obama has already won just stay home you Republican losers story line.

Stewart wrote:

After the election? How about Right Now?

memomachine wrote:


*shrug* I believe it.

McCain built his career on despising and hating conservatives. Is it any wonder that the people he drew towards him, and hired, are all in that same mold?

Frankly it explains a lot about McCain, his campaign and the crazy way Palin's been handled.

Let's face it. If you were going to -plan- on how best to absolutely destroy a newcomer's political career you couldn't come up with a better one than what actually has been going on.

A. Hide the candidate right after a very strong start? check

B. Don't allow candidate to respond to public attacks so that the attacks become collective memory? check

C. Put newbie candidate in front of hostile interviewers rather than more friendly ones? check

D. Allow interviewers to edit, withhold or run video of interviews to maximize injury to candidate? check

The list does go on.

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