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Administrative Note

For the first time, I've started deleting some comments without comment (I should say, for the first time other than spam). They come in the form: "...blah blah Simberg blah blah sh*thead blah blah blah f**k you blah blah blah idiot blah blah blah..." They are also anonymous.

Just so the cowardly anonymous moron(s) know, and perhaps won't waste their and my time on such mindless incivility in the future.


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Cecil Trotter wrote:

Just a guess, but I'm betting most of these offensive comments come in the form of either defending Obama or defending AGW. Those subjects seem to bring out the worst of the lefty loons.

Mike Puckett wrote:

Good for you Rand.

Treat it like what it is. Graffiti.

The way you deal with Graffiti is to erase it.

Now I will do my part and ignore it so no trace will remain.

Norm wrote:

Great; sounds good to me.

Nothing to miss anyway.


tagryn wrote:

Rand - I did some research on the RSS feed problem, and I can't figure out why its not updating since 2008-05-16 either. If I could make a suggestion, perhaps you could manually go in and delete the existing RSS XML file and see if MT regenerates the file automatically? Removing the existing file and letting MT create it again might fix whatever's causing the problem, and there doesn't seem to be a lot to lose (since the RSS feed isn't working in its current form anyway).

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