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An Extinct Species?

Would that it had been so. In honor of Veterans' Day, here's an interesting story of a recording captured to preserve the memory of the war that was to end all wars. Unfortunately, that part didn't work out.

[Update mid morning]

On the ninetieth anniversary of the Armistice, three British veterans are still alive. The oldest is 112, the oldest man in the country. Did he ever imagine, in the midst of the war, that he would survive another nine tenths of a century beyond its end?


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ken anthony wrote:

Not extinct, but perhaps on the endangered list. President Obama intends to be an activist it seems to me. Expect navy seals to all be brought up on murder charges. We can't allow success you know.

How can we adequately honor the hero? Perhaps by educating our children about marxism and cult worship before they come of age to vote? Perhaps by not letting those that hate America become teachers? This is not a simple battle that can be won in an election.

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