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Change I Can Believe In

Categories: Political Commentary, Space and Campaign 2008, War Commentary
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It's looking like Gates is going to stay at the Pentagon. I think that's good news from a space perspective, because I've heard that he's been trying to light a fire under the Operationally Responsive Space folks. It would be a shame to replace him with an unknown in that regard. There should (at least in theory) be a lot of synergy between military and civil space transport needs, in both orbital and suborbital. I hope that the new administration will be able to do better coordination on that than the Bush administration did.

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Neil H. wrote:

Having Richardson in commerce will hopefully also be a big plus.

I was also checking out the former blog of Peter Orszag (from his time as director of the Congressional Budget Office), who Obama just named as director of the Office of Management and Budget. From one of his recent posts, he seems to be a fan of using prizes to encourage technological breakthroughs:

Carl Pham wrote:

More appointments to make the Huffington Posties heads' explode. I love it!

At this rate, the late unlamented III could hang himself by March '09, and I could end up pulling the switch for Obama -- the most sober and conservative candidate around, bwa ha ha -- in 2012.

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