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It's Getting Harder And Harder To Surprise

The Orion spacecraft program was reviewed with the wrong configuration. There's more here:

So an older, immature design of the Orion capsule is brought up for review and passes muster, when it fact it lacks many of the features a flight worthy capsule would have (e.g., a weight that would be liftable, a means of landing that won't kill the occupants) along with several that a real vehicle wouldn't have (e.g., extra amounts of hot water for BroomHilda's cauldron).

That's not the way the process is supposed to work.

Unfortunately, the IG's office, not known for their brilliance or their ethics, took the ESMD Viceroy's non-concurrence with their findings and said, "ok, so sorry to have bothered you," and moved on.

Can't anyone here play this game? How much longer before this misbegotten program augers in?


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Odyssey Moon WINS the "Odyssey Moon Lunar X Prize" wrote:

just change the Orion's shape and lenght

Jeff Medcalf wrote:

It's already dead; it's just a matter of waiting until the carrion feeders have moved on before we notice the body.

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