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Not Just A Wind Problem

There's a good article over at NASA Spaceflight on the lift-off drift problem of the Ares 1.

Safe, simple, soon. Scam.

[Update a couple minutes later]

More at the Orlando Sentinel, on the Congressional Budget Office finding that the vehicle can't hit its IOC date without billions more. And there will still be a gap.

Billions of dollars to develop a new vehicle we don't need, when we could have been flying something by 2010 or 2011 with Steidle's original plan.


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Robin Goodfellow wrote:

Safe. Simple. Soon.

Pick 0.

John Kavanagh wrote:

Why doesn't someone some where in the government hold NASA accountable for the budget blowout consequences of the Exploration Systems Architecture? We can hope Obama might since it does seem Congress cares; pork doesn't need to deliver results.

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