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Categories: Administrative
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After I got fed up and went to bed last night, I got up this morning and fixed my individual archive template. The RSS feed seems to be publishing reliably now, and the pages are updating reliably as well. But I still haven't gotten rid of the timeouts, and still don't know what the problem is. I've essentially replaced all of the code in the index template (and its modules) with code from known working sites, but the problem persists.

I still have some fixing to do, to get categories to show up.


Dang. The RSS has quit again.

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A can of warm milk wrote:

Hurray for your RSS feeds!!! I can now read this site again.

mark wrote:

It's gotta be server config. Try a fresh MT install in a different directory (ex:

Rand Simberg wrote:

It's not server config. I have several other MT blogs running with no problems.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Still testing...

Rand Simberg wrote:

Another test...

Josh Reiter wrote:

Permissions problem? Are your other MT blogs using the same user rights as this one?

Pete Zaitcev wrote:

Thanks for fixing the site feed.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Are your other MT blogs using the same user rights as this one?

I'm running another blog off the same installation as this one.

tagryn wrote:

Hooray! RSS feed working again. Thanks Rand!

Jane Bernstein wrote:

It is undeniably nice to have your site feed working again.. I missed out on months of content when it went missing back in May.

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