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Space Tugs

An interesting find over at Jon Goff's place.

I've been advocating space tugs for (depressingly) over a quarter of a century. I wrote an internal memo at Rockwell on the subject in 1982 that proposed one as a means to enhance payload on the Shuttle to station, and allow higher station altitudes (reducing reboost requirements and providing more power). NASA wasn't interested. I hope that Jon is right that their time is finally coming.


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Wickedpinto wrote:

read that earlier, looks like a cool idea. Rather than all the stages being earth based, how about a sustained mobile transit station (the tug) kinda makes sense. But me no science guy, I'm still trying to figure out how this newfangled stick toy works.

Wickedpinto wrote:

actually, I screwed that up, I was reading about the nuclear powered shuttle for the moon, sorry, I made an assumption and made an ass of me.

Did I tell you about how I'm still working on how to deal with all of the options included with this Stick?

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