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The Case Against Eric Holder

Geraghty is on the job (several posts--just keep scrolling). He'd be a disaster on guns, drugs (that one is Jacob Sullum), civil liberties, and basic integrity. And here's Larry Tribe's critique on his thuggish behavior and legal opportunism in the Elian Gonzales affair.

[Update late afternoon]

Jim now has all the permalinks in one post.


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Karl Hallowell wrote:

I wonder if this (along with having the first black president and a democrat to boot) will result in an increase in the "militia"-style terrorism that the Clinton administration was obsessed with back in the 90's?

Bob wrote:

This is an off-topic comment -- sorry!

Rand, you and many commenters on this blog expressed interest recently in vote fraud in Minnesota. I was particularly struck by someone's comment that voter recounts always favor the Democrat.

I just visited this website:
and I thought to myself "wow, the readers of Transterrestrial Musings might really enjoy this." The site shows, graphically, various ambiguous ballots, and allows you to play election judge. You can see what the Coleman and Franken campaigns are challenging, and even more interestingly, you can compare your judgment to those of other readers of the site.

While the site doesn't address all aspects of vote fraud, I'd say this is a non-partisan interesting example of data which might enrich future discussions.

Bill Maron wrote:

His actions in the Rich pardon and the 16 FALN terrorists pardons should keep him from any public office, especially Justice. Obama must think his actions are features not bugs.

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