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What Would We Do Without Lou Friedman... be the public's representative for space exploration?

As Paul Spudis (who I recently discovered has a blog or two) notes in comments over there, it's a deadly combination of insufferable arrogance and unsurpassed ignorance. Though I think he gives Lou too much credit when he calls it an accomplishment. It comes naturally to him.


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ken anthony wrote:

you give him to much credit

'too?' 'to' changes the meaning entirely.

My biggest one is your for you're.

Anyway, I don't particular like the mission statement of the Planetary Society...

To inspire the people of Earth to explore other worlds, understand our own, and seek life elsewhere.

Mission statements tend to be too general and arrogant sounding for my taste. I much prefer something a bit more focused. It does seem that mission statements are often an afterthought.

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