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Who Are The Real Conservatives?

I have thoughts on "Change!" and free markets this morning, over at PJM.


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Anonymous wrote:

Hey Rand,

I know this is off topic, but I thought you might be interested in this as it concerns both climate change and NASA. Do you think this is worth a post?

It seems that Dr James Hansen, of NASA's Goddard Institute, is at it again. He screwed up the temperature numbers for October, claiming it was the hottest on record. Fortunately for us (though, not for Hansen), the data appears to be from the previous month. He did something similar about a year ago. Here's a link to the UK Telegraph article:

Rand Simberg wrote:

Look at the next post.

Ilya wrote:

An article in this week's TIME magazine ssummarized the election quite succinctly -- although probably not in the way Rand wishes it. Obama won because people have come to associate Libelralism (quite correctly) with maintaining staus quo, and majority of American voters are afraid of change and want security. TIME did not point out the irony of Obama's call for "change", but it was quite honest otherwise.

Paul Hsieh wrote:

Thank you for that essay. Too many alleged defenders of capitalism are anything but capitalists, which simply makes capitalism an easier punching bag for the leftists -- to the detriment of us all.

If the Republicans actually supported capitalism, I'd gladly vote for them. But unfortunately, they're continuing to move away from that view, and thus risking continued electoral defeat.

Don Watkins and Yaron Brook have also written a good OpEd on this issue:

"Stop Blaming Capitalism for Government Failures"

ken anthony wrote:

Outstanding article Rand.

I'm going to have to consider 'capitalism' a little deeper (yes, I note that you've talked about it before.)

Eric Weder wrote:

Great article, Rand!

A lot of folks seem to have missed your point that 'capitalism' is a Marxist term intended to denigrate 'free enterprise' which is a more accurate description of the process.

I think it's a fairly important distinction, along with the reversal in meaning of 'liberal' and 'conservative' which has happened over the last century.

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