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Why Libertarianism Matters

Now, more than ever. Self-styled "progressives" seem to continue to be unaware of their own shameful intellectual history.


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Dfens wrote:

Here's another article that asks similar questions with regard to the progressive need to regulate everything with certain notable exceptions.

MG wrote:

Mr. Simberg,

One of the pernicious aspects of post-modernism (as an ideology) is that History doesn't exist as something outside the observer.

A flawed, but commonplace consequent is that an individual (or "community") writes its own story, and that the unpleasant bits can be ignored or implicitly disowned.

So, today's "Progressive" can ignore early 20th century "Progressive" results, while simultaneously supporting the state centralization of its predecessors.

Real History doesn't matter... since we create our own "reality".

I, needless to say, am NOT a post-modernist.

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