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Why Should They Have The Power?

I'm watching a rally in DC with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

What has Harry Reid done to justify his increase of the majority of the Senate?

What has Nancy Pelosi done to justify her increase in her House majority?

Why did no one in the MSM ask these questions during the campaign?


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Brock wrote:

That's not how these things work Rand, you know that. Each district votes its own way, and the chips land where they may.

Larry Gunston wrote:

Rand, for at least six months now you have been assuring us that there is no way that Obama could win. I believed you! I really did!

How could you be so wrong! You have destroyed my faith!

I still hope that "whitey" tape shows up. Mike, any word on that?

Brock wrote:

I never believed Rand when he said Obama was unelectable (it was always clearly possible), but even I am quite surprised by the extent of his success. I never would have guessed he'd have taken Indiana or Virginia. Incredible.

Bill White wrote:

Why did this happen?

I blame George W. Bush and you should too.

MG wrote:

The financial crises took any focus on policies off the table, and that undercut McCain (along w/ all kinds of inequal aggressiveness by the legacy media).

Brad wrote:

Now that the dems have all the power, it will be a lot tougher to keep blaming all troubles on republicans. And maybe now the media will finally get bored with cheerleading the dems and start exposing the dems rotten core.

Carl Pham wrote:

McCain really did get the shaft from Lady Luck.

I mean, his biggest issue was Iraq and the threat of Islamic terrorism. Well, guess what, Bush won the Iraq war and apparently has the terrorists cowering in holes, since we haven't heard from them since people now in college were in 5th grade. Zip, off the radar screen.

Then there was the skyrocketing price of gasoline earlier this year. With Palin, the energy guru, and Obama's reputation of a dippy No Nukes hairshirt green, that was a potent issue. But, guess what, the price of gas plummeted so far down no one's said word one about it for weeks and weeks. Zip, off the radar screen.

Then we have an economic scandal. And not just any old economic scandal, but a seamy smelly mess on Wall Street that just reeks of people with too much of other people's money playing without adult supervision and letting their greed run rampant, which instantly (fairly or not) calls up to Joe Everyman's mind every detestable stereotype about Republicans and the free market he's ever heard.

That's not to even touch on the difficulty of keeping the office in the same party after 8 years.

I mean, consider the historical precedents. I assume no one wanted McCain to be Bush Senior, take 2, i.e. a one-termer followed by a Democratic blowout. But the wished-for alternative -- eight years of McCain, i.e. back to back two-term Presidencies for the same party -- has only been achieved once in the history of the Republic, when Monroe succeeded Madison in 1816. As far as modern history shows, it's just flat impossible.

So this result is not bad, not bad at all. In the case of an unbelievably stiff headwind, McCain fought to within 5% of Obama, and Obama was forced to run a campaign to the right of plenty of people who called themselves Republican in the 70s and even 80s. That means Obama's support is fundamentally a mile wide and an inch deep. The Democrats have been handed a country worried enough about keeping their jobs and pensions intact to not indulge expensive leisure-class academical-aristocrat fantasies about "making a difference" in the world, rolling back the oceans, et cetera ad nauseum, but also not scared enough to ask for a massive FDR-style mommification of the welfare state. You might say, for all their silly pent-up triumphalism, they've been put in office very much on probation.

If Obama can avoid wrecking on the reefs of his own legions of crackhead moron supporters and steer a moderate course, sticking only the occasional fork into his ideological enemies just to prove he's Top Dawg, well, more power to him. He'll do a decent job and sharpen up the opposition, force them to get more serious and focussed. Good for all.

And if he doesn't...if he overreaches wildly...well, Jimmy Carter II, driven into the wilderness in 2012 along with every element in his party that can be ideologically associated with him. I see it as win-win possibilities for the disciples of liberty.

Bill Maron wrote:

The problem is the Dems know how to give away taxpayer money so it counts. Watch this congress work the giveaways and there will be ALOT of them.

Cecil Trotter wrote:

The one and only reason that Barry is POTUS-elect is the effectiveness of the left wing propaganda machine, IE the mainstream media. Period.

Had Barry been scrutinized by the media to the extent that any non-leftist candidate would have been there is no way he could have been elected. But the media was too busy scrutinizing Trig Palin's parentage and/or the job credentials of an average citizen who dared question The One.

Anonymous wrote:

Carl Pham wrote:
"if he [Obama] overreaches wildly"

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