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Words Mean Things

In retrospect, you could tell that the American experiment was over back in the eighties, when it became a bi-partisan notion to appoint czars of things. If the Republicans are serious about showing that they're for small government, they'll start opposing this on principle, whether it's for energy or drugs.


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ken anthony wrote:

Great point. Needs to be made as a reminder often.

Do you think they'd understand my meaning if I had a T-shirt that said...

Obama Rules!

Or is that too subtle?

Andy R wrote:

Let's not forget governmentt commissions (like the 9/11 Commission) that are usually made up of those currently & formerly in government, who take a look at the government, or private sector, and then decide what we need is...more government.

Edward Wright wrote:

Unfortunately, the country club Republicans still don't get it.

Mark Whittington's blog has yet another screed about how the Russians and Chinese are going to take over the universe if we don't reject private enterprise for the superior power of government central planning.

Sure, they may have failed to Conquer Space for 50 years; Ares and Orion may be on the verge of collapse; their prescription drug plan, No Child Left Behind, and other socialist nostrums may have failed on Earth; and maybe they can't win an election even when their opponent is an inexperienced community organizer from Chicago; but that's no reason to lose faith, is it?

They must stick to their core values: Big government as the solution to every problem!

(His concern that "unsympathetic" Russians and Chinese will require Americans to get visas to visit Moon and Mars is actually hilarious. Apart from his usual ignorance of the Outer Space Treaty, he seems to forget how the "compassionate conservatives" at NASA pulled out every stop to prevent Dennis Tito from getting a "visa" from those "unsympathetic" Russians.)

Edward Wright wrote:

In another post, Mark thinks the Pentagon is going to develop a flying car for him.

I wonder if he's driving around in a Soviet-era Yugo and waiting for a replacement? :-)

Alan K. Henderson wrote:

Heh, we've even had a copyright czar. Talk about cheapening the language.

The guy standing in the tank functions like a czar more than any of our "czars."

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