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Osama Bin Laiden To Rest

Here's a nice piece, chock full of amusing Steyny goodness, about whether Osama is at room temperature (he is), assessment of Al Qaeda's current capabilities (dismally incompetent, if you're rooting for the Islamist fruitcake team), and whether the Administration is still ignoring the Saudi in the living room (they seem to be).

A couple samplings:

Recently, several hundred of the Princess Patricia?s Canadian Light Infantry exhumed every corpse in an al- Qa?eda cemetery near Kandahar and, failing to find a body with a very long beard and a very short penis, concluded that Osama had gotten away. (He had at one point ten lookalikes to confuse the Americans, but, of course, even the most convincing doppelgänger would be unlikely to match Osama?s unusual deficiencies in the trouser department.)


The alleged Suleiman Abu Ghaith had nothing to boast of in his audio statement except the attack on a synagogue in Tunisia that killed 14 German tourists. ?This operation was carried out by al-Qa?eda network,? he said proudly. ?A youth could not see his brothers in Palestine butchered and murdered ...while he saw Jews cavorting in Djerba.? But that?s pretty pathetic, isn?t it? Some ?network?: it can kill barely any more people than a novice schoolgirl suicide-bomber acting out of Cherie Blairite desperation.

But read the whole thing.

Posted by Rand Simberg at June 27, 2002 12:03 PM
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