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Biting Commentary about Infinity, and Beyond!

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Conservatives Against Lott

Tom Edsall and Dan Balz at the WaPo have noticed that many conservatives are more upset with Lott than the liberals are.

As I've noted a number of times, that's because the Democrats want Lott to stay in power, where he'll continue to be putty in Tom Daschle's hands, and a symbol of the supposed racism of conservatives and Republicans. The focus of the article is on the symbolism issue, though--there's no mention of how inept he is, and always has been.

I also found this bit bizarre.

Republicans, more than Democrats, are traditionally more reluctant to force leaders out of office. "We don't kill our kings," one Republican operative said, noting the respect for hierarchal authority within the GOP.

This is simply nonsense. Which party was it that forced its compromised President to resign? Which one dragged the entire country through sordid mud for months to avoid doing so? Did these guys sleep through the Clinton impeachment saga?

Posted by Rand Simberg at December 14, 2002 09:32 AM
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