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Part-Way Through

I've done an upgrade, but there are some issues, as you can see. There are no comments.

I don't think that the comments have been lost, and my data bases are backed up, but I may have to tinker with templates to get things working again.

[Update a while later]

OK, I've got the templates to display the comment field, but it's still not showing the comments. As I said, I'm sure I haven't lost them, and I can reupload them if necessary, but I may not get them viewable until tomorrow. And I'm only halfway through the upgrade (it's a two-step process to get from MT 2.66 to MT 4.0). You can comment if you want, but it won't show up until I fix this problem, whatever it is.

[Update a minute later]

OK, I know the comments exist, because I can see them from my control panel for each post. I just have to figure out what type of incantations I have to perform to make them actually display on the blog.

[Morning update]

I've decided that, if I have to rework templates and debug anyway, I might as well go all the way to the 4.0 upgrade first, to spare myself potentially having to do it twice. Hopefully I'll be through this fresh hell sometime today.



Rand Simberg wrote:


Rand wrote:

This is a test post, after commenting out "div comments-open" in the Comments Form module so that the form would display. Also, I've overridden the "ifcommentsactive" in the Comments module.

Rand wrote:

Third test comment after disabling Captcha.

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