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This is a test post...

[Update an hour or so later]

OK, I'm in MT 4.0, but having problems. Still no comments showing up, and I can see that they've changed their template comment tags again (no mention about this in the upgrade instructions), so I'm glad that I didn't waste my time trying to fix it in 3.35. More seriously, the script is crashing when I publish with no helpful messages, though it does seem to publish, so I'm going to have to dig through the server logs. I'm not very comfortable moving forward until I understand/fix that problem. If there are any MT gurus out there, I'd appreciate an email.

[Late morning update]

OK, I've got a semi-serious problem. When it updated my data bases, it made me an administrator for the blog, for not for the MT installation itself (even though I was previously). Comments are disabled at the system level, and I don't have permission to go in and change this. Does anyone know how to hack the installation on the server to change my MT permissions? I'm thinking that maybe if I go in and modify the database directly, but I'll probably have to delve pretty deeply into the MT docs (or even look at the code) to figure out how to do this.

[Update early afternoon]

Well, I made myself a superuser again by poking around in the data base, and I updated the global permissions. Supposedly now, comments are allowed. But the template continues to refuse to display them. The MT documentation is decidedly unhelpful. I'll have to try to find some working examples and see what I'm doing wrong. So comments will still be unavailable, for now. But I'm going to resume blogging, because there's lots of news out there.

[Mid-afternoon update]

Well, at least I found a relevant manual page, with an example. Hopefully this will get comments on the way to wellville.


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