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Run, Ralph, Run!

Look who's thinking about getting into the race. Hey, I voted for him in 2000.

I hope that Bloomberg gets in, too. With Hillary!/Obama, McCain, Nader and Bloomberg in the race, the so-called liberal vote would be split four ways, perhaps leaving an opening for an actual conservative to run on an independent ticket.


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Jardinero1 ? wrote:

You voted for Ralph Nader and you make fun of Ron Paul?

Steve wrote:

Nader is Unsafe in any Election. Plain and simple. And so are his long time supporters.

Rand wrote:

You voted for Ralph Nader and you make fun of Ron Paul?

I didn't say I was insane enough to want him to be president.

Larry wrote:

Then why vote for him? I'm puzzled.

Rand wrote:

Then why vote for him?

I was voting in Wyoming, which was a lock for Bush. So I could vote however I wanted with no fear that it would affect the outcome of the Wyoming electoral vote. If Nader got one percent of the popular vote, he (as a candidate of the Green Party) would have been eligible for federal campaign funding in 2004, which would have made him even more of a pain in the ass for the Dems.

Simon Jester wrote:

Jardinero: give it up. In Rand's worldview, we're "Brownshirts" - never mind that the same type of demands for freedom and accountability were 'perpetrated' by the Sons Of Liberty and tea-tossers during the American Revolution. Rand's worldview is Tory. Ron Paul is the last American conservative standing. Like it or not.

Rand wrote:

In Rand's worldview, we're "Brownshirts"

Don't give up your day job to be the Great Kreskin. A mind reader, you're not.

Simon Jester wrote:

Don't have to mind-read; you said it yourself:

"words mean things"

Rand wrote:

I didn't call all Ron Paul supporters brown shirts--just the people who abused that poor woman. If you're one of them, then I guess you're right, it is what I think of you. But if the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it.

Oh, and work on your logic and reading comprehension, in addition to your ESP.

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