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Waking Up

Europeans are coming to the conclusion that Islam is dangerous:

"An overwhelming majority of the surveyed populations in Europe believe greater interaction between Islam and the West is a threat." Backbench Tory MP David Davies told the Sunday Express: "I am not surprised by these findings. People are fed up with multiculturalism and being told they have to give up their way of life."

"Most people in Britain expect anyone who comes here to be willing to learn our language and fit in with us."

Mr Davies, who serves on the Commons Home Affairs Committee, added: "People do get annoyed when they see millions spent on translating documents and legal aid being given to people fighting for the right to wear a head-to-toe covering at school."

...But leading Muslim academic Haleh Afshar, of York University, blamed media "hysteria" for the findings. She said: "There is an absence of trust towards Muslims, but to my mind that is very much driven by an uninformed media."

An "uninformed media."

Yes. That must be it.

It couldn't have anything to do with riots over cartoons, or bombings in the tube.


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Artemus wrote:

I think ordinary Europeans have always been against militant Islam - they're not stupid. The only thing that's changed is that someone is actually asking their opinion.

European politicians will be galvanized by these findings and join as one to do something about it...because you can't have people going around saying there's something wrong with Islam. I predict further restrictions on freedom of speech, to pre-empt such tawdry displays of free thinking in the future.

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