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A (Huge) Missed Opportunity

Chris Wallace on Fox News asked Huckabee how his campaign differed from others. His response was that he listened to "the little people."

How did that differ from an answer from Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? Or any Democrat candidate?


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Eric J wrote:

That was Kucinich's answer too. But he mean Leprechauns.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

As opposed to Huckabee who meant fairies.

Mac wrote:

Careful, or Chuck Norris will come kick your leprechaun teeth in.

Mike Combs wrote:

No, he'll just craft a humilitating website at your expense.

McGehee ? wrote:

McCain: "Ask 'em what they did with my strawberries!!"

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Ok, just what did Huckabee's fairies do to McCain's strawberries? Do we want to know?

Toast_n_Tea wrote:

The talk radio aka true-conservative candidate is beginning to resemble a squished strawberry .

Mac wrote:

Squished? I suppose, he's what 5'4", maybe? The last time America elected the short guy was when? Kerry doesn't count because the bouffant hairdo makes about three feet of height for him.

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