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I Don't Feel Quite So Badly Now

I'm not the only one having issues with Movable Type:

I have succeeded in loading Style Contest templates into my style browser, and have applied them, and been informed I have successfully applied them and republished the site, and they do not show up. In fact it managed to destroy the page entirely, putting all the columns at the bottom of the page. Time to rip it up and start from scratch.

Don't email me until I send up flares. I need to figure this out myself.

Good luck with that, James.


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Yeah, I installed MT 4 on a test system to check it out, and as a result I am still running on MT 3.3. I have never gotten any of the style plugins or themes to work. I tossed the MT built in templates and styles and did my own from scratch, which has worked out well. But I feel sorry for anyone who's not an HTML / CSS expert.

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