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Honest Abe

I know that no one knows or cares any more, with that abomination known as "Presidents Day" (we're supposed to honor Millard Fillmore and Franklin Pierce along with Washington and Lincoln?), but today is Lincoln's birthday, something that we actually observed when I was a kid.



John wrote:

Millard Fillmore

John wrote:

Willard Fillmore was the guy that used rats to defeat his political opponents

teej wrote:

I thought it was Mallard Fillmore?!

Anonymous wrote:

"W," "M," it's all good.

It's just one letter upside down...

Bill Maron wrote:

The author of the Gettysburg address deserves better comments than these.

Jay Manifold wrote:

Millard Fillmore wrote the Gettysburg Address? Who knew? ;^)

(For something much more uplifting, read the Greenberg column I linked in the first comment.)

John wrote:

the Greendberg column was fabulous, thanks for the link. it added much to the Commemoration of Lincoln's birthday and President's day.

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