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No Thynge Coold Plese Me Moore

...than a blogge by Sir Iowahawke on that ArchBisheoppe Of Canterbeerry:

25 Sayeth the pilgryms to Bishop Rowan,

26 "Father, we do not like howe thynges are goin'.

27 You know we are as Lefte as thee,

28 But of layte have beyn chaunced to see

29 From Edinburgh to London-towne

30 The Musslemans in burnoose gowne

31 Who beat theyr ownselfs with theyr knyves

32 Than goon home and beat theyr wyves

33 And slaye theyr daughtyrs in honour killlynge

34 Howe do we stoppe the bloode fromme spillynge?"

35 The Bishop sipped upon hys tea

36 And sayed, "an open mind must we

37 Keep, for know thee well the Mussel-man

38 Has hys own laws for hys own clan

39 So question not hys Muslim reason

40 And presaerve ye well social cohesion."

Reade, thee, the reste.

It cood be only the product of an undhimmified English major.


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Some guy wrote:

This is freakin' insane! It had me shrieking with laughter.

iowahawk wrote:

English major?

English major??

Screw you, space boy.

John wrote:

transcendently brilliant....

"No Thynge Coold Plese Me Moore" should be forward to The Daily Mail, or better yet, The Guardian

Arni wrote:

Rhyming together "dunge" and "the Guardian" is pure genius!

Tom wrote:

I had to memorize the first lines of (the original) Tales in high school, which made it more painfully funny.

My favorite rhyme: "Starbucks workers" and "burqqas"

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