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I Couldn't Even Begin To Guess

Test your knowledge of collectivists.

It's just as much of a challenge as trying to distinguish between passages of the Unibomber's manifesto and Earth In The Balance.


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mz wrote:

Ah. It's in the "Hitler too was a vegetarian" category.

There can't be a society without resource expense towards its upkeep, hence something is taken away from the participants. And they get something in return. A justice system, the police or military protection for example.

Pretending otherwise is just naive.

Basically, only anarchism is fundamentally without the "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good." idea.

McGehee wrote:

True NZ -- but sometimes a difference "only in degree" is a difference in kind.

Ilya wrote:

sometimes a difference "only in degree" is a difference in kind.

Ironically, this is more or less a quote from Stalin: "Quantity has quality of its own."

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