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Size Does Matter

Half of UK men would give up sex for six months for a fifty-inch television.

You know, if that's the deal, considering the first twenty years of my life, someone owes me a screen the size of a drive-in theater.


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Fuloydo wrote:

Well, I have a 65" rear projection HD as well as a 42" plasma and I can safely assert that if you give up sex (dating) you can, indeed, afford such things. :D

McGehee wrote:

Rand, I'll see your drive-in theater, and raise you a small home electronics store.

Aric wrote:

Fuloydo is right - there is currently a (cheap) 50" TV up on for $1200. Assuming that dating costs $200 per month, that is indeed six months of no dating to get a 50" TV.

AgnosticMonk wrote:

If thats the deal, I have earned a stadium jumbotron but I don't have a clue where I would put it.

Jason Bontrager wrote:

I find this "I've been celibate longer than thou" dick-waving contest quite amusing.

I'm not going to say how big my...monitor...would be.

Leland wrote:

I have an iPod...

MarkD wrote:

"Considering the first twenty years of my life.."

The first 12-13 don't count. ;-)

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Hmm no celibate polygamist posts yet...

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