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"Neither Gods Nor Goo"

An interesting survey on the current state of nanotech.


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Habitat Hermit wrote:

Interesting article, it made me wonder how Drexler is doing now as the last I knew he seemed to have tons of trouble of all sorts. Looking at his Wikipedia entry it's great to see him doing much better.

I read it all out of curiosity and there wasn't anything new to me before about 2003 except I wasn't aware the term nanotechnology had been defined earlier and with a very different aspect to it, it makes the victory of the chemists against the Drexlerites on the definition feel less painful. I think I'll stop using "nanotechnology" and start using "nanoengineering" from here on whenever appropriate.

Ed Regis' books are recommended by the way. And foresight will still be required.

Wikipedia page and Drexler's homepage for the interested.

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