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What Human Right Were They Defending?

One can only shake one's head at the mindset of copy editors at the AP.


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Sigivald wrote:

The relatively shiny, newly invented right of "being free from criticism related to one's religious beliefs", of course.

It's all the rage at the UN, I hear. (At least, when it's applied to people who aren't Israelis.)

Jay Manifold wrote:

Sigivald - Also people inhabiting a large country occupying the middle latitudes of North America. Especially the people in that country who have religious beliefs, though these particular "human rights activists" can become, shall we say, rather indiscriminate in their application -- see 9/11/2001.

Leland wrote:

Human Rights Activist seems correct to me. They just happened to be activist "against" rather than "for" Human Rights.

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