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Get Ready

For the end of Windows XP.

I'm still using Windows 2000 myself. And I'm transitioning over to Linux.


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Josh Reiter wrote:

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon is nifty. I have it running an old dual p3 600 box with minor issues.

Also have Damn Small Linux installed on a 512meg thumbdrive. It is cool to be able to boot linux up anywhere off a system that supports USB boot. Though it tends to balk at certain versions of the Realtek network adapters.

Mac wrote:

I will miss it when its gone. I've found it extremely easy to work on, and Vista definitely is not easy to work on. But then, I've only had the Home version to tinker with. I assume, like XP, the home version is the Pro version with the networking tools chopped off.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

I'm a gutsy gibbon user as well. It is something of a pain to use, but while a future employer may require me to use Windows Vista, my current one does not.

David Summers wrote:

EEE PC - use it, and you'll never go back!

I am moving everything to Linux as well in all my organizations.

ken anthony wrote:

While Linux isn't the holy grail, why would anyone trust a closed OS? Ah, I remember, nobody bothered to explain the issue to the public when it would have made a difference (1980's)

I bought a copy of 98se way back when and that's what I use. Either Linux or 98se will allow me to develop remotely on whatever box an employer has.

I worked seven years for a company, the last half of my time in a different state with a roll out of bed comute. I could have sold carbon credits to algore. I guess I missed the boat on that one. ;-)

ArtD0dger wrote:

You've gotta wonder how MS is suppressing the PC manufacturers' rebellion. They must be suffering some serious sales declines right about now. I'm part of that statistic -- I recently experienced a catastrophic crash, and chose to replace my system with a 2-year old used XP machine. At any other time I would have used the crash as an excuse to buy a fancy new computer.

Yeah, I know I could set up XP on a new machine, but I'm viewing this as a somewhat temporary solution until I see how the OS situation shakes out. I'm planning to demo Ubuntu on a USB boot drive to see if I can get all my critical apps running or replaced.

Steve wrote:

I am running Win 2000 on a IBM ThinkPad 600X.

When this dies, God only knows what I'll do. I already hate the XP Mrs Steve has running on the desktop. She is partially bald from supporting Vista at work, so when we move to something new....

I may be forced over to Linux, who knows, it could happen.

Rob wrote:

My son moved to Linux and figured out how to still use Dreamweaver (without booting it in an emulator). It took a little scripting, which he posted. This is the permalink to the post:

I'll switch to Vista when MS releases Service Pack 3. By then it should be fixed.

Leland wrote:

I switched to Vista during Beta. No problems that weren't overcome. I still use XP at work, because it is what they offer. I still have to use the lousy IE6.

But hey, I'm not a hater. I can no more disown XP than I could my Apple IIe.

Mark in AZ wrote:

Visa is a resource hogging whore. When I ordered a new Dell last month I ordered it with XP.

If Vista was the only option I'd just run Umbuntu.

Mike Puckett wrote:

Bah! Ram is cheap. Vista runs great for me but I have 4 gigs of ram.

What's wrong with IE6? I thought IE7 was the MSFT browser giving everybody headaches. Which is why I stuck with ver 6.

Leland wrote:


I don't know if anything is really wrong with IE6. Rather, it is the opposite for me, what's wrong eith IE7? IE7 works fine to me, and I like having tabs. I didn't think tabs would be a big deal to me, but I've grown accustomed to them, and prefer them now.


I hope you have Vista x64, or you're not taking full advantage of 4 gigs. I have Vista x32 and running 2 gigs without problems. I will agree with Mark that it is a resource hog, in comparison to XP, but RAM and HDD are cheap.

Mike Puckett wrote:

Yes, Vista 64

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