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The End Of Reporters?

Can't happen soon enough, in my opinion.


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Steve wrote:

The difference in the reporters and bloggers was evident sometime back, in a poll of the reporters. The grand majority of reporters said they were Democrats, voted Democrat, leaned left, thought liberal, hated GWB, yet thought THEY were fair and un-biased in their reporting. They were sure their own beliefs did not influence their reporting and how's that for delusional?

I'm not sure how you can dis-associate yourself from your core beliefs as you write. Unless you're writing a grocery list.

Mac wrote:

Unless you're writing a grocery list.

Yeah, but if you're writing that list while hungry...kind of the same thing.

Steve wrote:

Yeah, but if you're writing that list while hungry...kind of the same thing.

Mac, I totally forgot about that kind of a mindset. To be sure there is a political bent to a grocery list, if the writer is a GWB hating, anti-global warming activist, vegan.

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