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Heading Off To The West

No, not like the Elves. At least I hope not--though on the other hand, they do get to live forever.

But then I'd miss the press conference in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, and the Space Access meeting next weekend in Phoenix.

I'm not completely over my ailment, but I'm well enough to travel, I think, and I'll probably take it easy tomorrow when I get into LA.



Steve wrote:

The 'FUNK' as we've labeled it here at home, has slowly worked it's way through the general populace, adults down to kids. Usually a new illness or malady comes into the house attached to the 10 y/o, 3rd grader.

The 'FUNK' does eventually get better, but it just gets better veeerrrryyy ssslllooowwwlllyyy.

sweeta-po wrote:

Sorry, but what is kimerikas?


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