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Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

John Tabin writes that, regardless of the election outcome, the next president will be a fascist:

JOHN McCAIN IS a huge admirer of TR. His career has been marked by an instinctive enthusiasm for regulation. He brags of a military career chosen "for patriotism, not for profit," clearly viewing civilian life as debased.

Goldberg's Afterword, "The Tempting of Conservatism," holds up McCain and the "National Greatness Conservatives" who backed him in 2000 as an example of how progressivism can enthrall conservatives. (Possible good news: McCain has praised free markets in the course of this campaign -- for the first time in his political career, according to McCain biographer Matt Welch.)

Hillary Clinton's calls in the '90s for a "new politics of meaning" and for the state to act as the "village" that raises our children has deeply totalitarian implications that Goldberg discusses at length. In 1996 she declared that "there isn't really any such thing as someone else's child." Assessing her worldview, Goldberg labels Clinton "The First Lady of Liberal Fascism."

Barack Obama's enormous rhetorical talents have already earned him an extremely creepy personality cult. His wife declares that her husband "will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism... And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed."


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Jim Harris wrote:

John Tabin writes that, regardless of the election outcome, the next president will be a fascist.

We're the greatest nation on Earth, but we're turning to fascism? Commenters have complained that I exaggerate too much, so that rather limits the remarks on this pronouncement.

You might try Prozac, because the world isn't as bleak as you describe it.

A write-in vote for Fred Thompson might also be therapeutic. You would also want a write-in running mate, though. How about Ted Nugent?

Rand Simberg wrote:

We're the greatest nation on Earth, but we're turning to fascism?

It's nothing new. Woodrow Wilson was a fascist. So were Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt. Fascism != Nazism. Your problem is that (like most people) you haven't the vaguest clue of what actual fascism is, or what the word means.

It's not a "bleak" view. It's simply a realistic one.

Bob wrote:

>It's nothing new.

Indeed! We have fascism by the bundle!

Look here for proof:

We need look no further than the front of our car
and, painfully, the bottom of our feet!

See for fascism in automotive design and
see for a fascist foot condition.

Sam Dinkin wrote:

McCain has advocated TV auctions back before it was a majority position. He also earmarked combinatorial auctions research for FCC 8 years ago. FCC just held their first such auction this year. I don't like McCain-Feingold, but McCain's free-market credentials are better than Bush's and almost as good as Clinton 42 1st term, Bush 41 or Reagan.

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