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Sauce For The Gander

Clarice Feldman has some useful advice for Howard Dean:

Have Carter rerun the entire damn primary before June 7. Really, Carter can do this.

I suppose right now you're saying," Where did he get this idea?" I'll tell you, friend. it came to me listening to Carl Levin who asked, "How can you make sure that hundreds of thousands , perhaps a million or more ballots can be properly counted and that duplicate ballots can be avoided?"

See, I read that and remembered that Carter does this all the time. He's the election certifier extraordinaire. From his supervision of the 1990 election in the Dominican Republic to his oversight of the Chavez recall collection in Venezuela he's become the one man in the world who can, with the acquiescence of the entire world, put a gold stamp of approval and purity on a completely unfair and corrupt election. Fraud in counting votes? In registering voters? Discrepancies between the number of cast ballots and voter registration lists? Jiggered machines? Doesn't matter. The guy will keep his eyes and ears closed and stamp the entire thing kosher.

See, what I'm saying, is that there's no way you can resolve the present contretemps without at least half your party claiming the result is unfair. They will always believe the nomination was "stolen" from their candidate and given the players and so-called rules of your party's nomination process, they will have a point. So why not go whole hog. Have the process planned, overseen and supervised by the man who's given his stamp of approval to crooked elections everywhere else on earth. He was YOUR president, after all. He's good enough for East Timor and not for his own party?

Maybe he could even win another Nobel Peace Prize.


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LB Parker wrote:

Nah, Carter won't be interested. None of the candidates are dictators. Yet.

Karl Hallowell wrote:

*sacrifices a few peanuts at the desktop shrine*

Sorry, Jimmah, the mean people ah sayin bad things ahbout you ahgain.

narciso wrote:

Well they could fire Howard Dean, that Sherman McCoy wannabe revolutionary, moonbat, & start over, but hey won't

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