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Tilting At The Windmill

Or maybe not. Let's hope not. Anyway, Bigelow deserves our support in his valiant effort to make ITAR sane. Not sure off hand what we can do to help, though.


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Karl Hallowell wrote:

According to rumor, even the State Department has run afoul of ITAR. A person who heads an aerospace non-profit (where some bending of metal occurs) related to me this tale. He was approached by the State Department to assist with some sort of aerospace engineering outreach program to Turkey students (I don't recall what level they were at, high school maybe). Shortly before these students were to tour the facility that this guy manages (I don't know if they had arrived in the States yet), the part of the State Department that deals with ITAR calls him up and starts threatening him. I gather the tour was canceled as a result.

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