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Eight Pointless Laws

...that all comic books turned into movies must follow.

[Via Geek Press]


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Frank Glover wrote:

Except for the obligatory origin story (Sorry, this *is* signifigant to comic fans, and except for Superman and [maybe] Batman, most other people have no clue how a given superhero started. Having them pop up with no motivating backstory strikes me as kind of a cheat. Clark Kent's alien origins/midwestern values, Bruce Wayne's traumatic childhood witnessing of his parent's murder and Peter Parker's related guilt over indirect responsibility for his uncle's murder, largely make them what they are), he does have a point...

...not that I (and my Y-chromosone) mind 'The Bod,' of course (and even then, she should be there for a legitimate plot purpose and not *just* scenery).

K wrote:

It's amazing that so many people who comment on this blog are so knowledgable about so many things but seem to be utterly ignorant of anything but superhero comics. If you want to see a movie that was adapted from a comic that's adult themed and is funny, witty, artistic, and has some interesting things to say, check out "Art School Confidential" as a DVD rental.

MarkD wrote:

The end of that article has a link to a different article by the same author about how the Juno script would look "if it were have as long and 100 times more honest" which is satirizes Hollywood in a very amusing manner. worth reading.

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