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Tastes Like Chicken?

New (and apparently controversial) genetic evidence that dinosaurs (and particularly T. Rex) were closely related to birds.


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If Harlan Sanders had been in charge of Jurassic Park...

Jay Manifold wrote:

Given the uses of collagen, I think Kraft Foods (Jell-O) would be a more likely sponsor.

Steve wrote:

Imagine the size of the fryers! OR the buckets!

We'd spare no expense.

I can see it now - Kentucky Fried Cretaceous.

There's only one choice for the music to feature in the commercials...

Competition from Jurassic-In-The-Box wouldn't be far behind.

Jay Manifold wrote:

I still want my Dino-Jell-O.

We'll get Bill Cosby on that project, Jay.

I wonder if T. Rex hide is suitable for luggage...

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