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Naming The Enemy

Are we at war with Jihadism?

Of course it is true that Islamic reformers are trying to redefine the very troubling concept of jihad as a positive: viz., an internal struggle for personal betterment. Much as I'd love them to succeed, it is a well-intentioned folly -- largely because of modern culture, which puts such a premium on authenticity. If you want to encourage the reformers, then encourage them to drop the concept of jihad altogether. As a matter of history, jihad is a military obligation. As long as it is accorded a central place in Islam, the militants are always going to be deemed more authentic, more true to the faith of Mohammed, than the reformers.

If correct, this makes the latest State Department policy all the more idiotic.

I still prefer the term Hirabis myself.


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narciso wrote:

The problem is, as Andrew McCarty pointed out, it's the term jihadis themselves use to evade accountability

Fletcher Christian wrote:

It took me a little time to find a suitable translation site, but I believe that a more desirable term for these lunatics would be "jutta".

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