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Is Obama A Croc?

Well, maybe.

If Barack Obama had to be compared to a shoe product right now, it would have to be Crocs. These are the foam and vinyl casual shoes with the great big crocodile-like holes in them that everybody seemed to want six months ago. Today, it's hard to find very many people still willing to wear them. They are so last year.

Certainly what he's selling is a crock.

I do think that he's past his sell-by date. But I wish that people hadn't caught on to him until after the convention. There's enough potential buyers' remorse out there that Hillary! may yet pull it out.


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Sigivald wrote:

Mario Batali's foot is in his ass?


Anymouse wrote:

How about this for an Obama slogan:

Obama - because racism works!

Anonymous wrote:

Well Crocs are certainly better than the crappy sandals Mr. Simberg wears. It's time to buy a new pair.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Well Crocs are certainly better than the crappy sandals Mr. Simberg wears. They're not.

It's time to buy a new pair.

Not that I need them, Anonymous Moron, but how do you know I haven't?

Oh, right. You're an anonymous moron.

With lousy fashion sense.

Fairy Tale wrote:

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