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The Democrats' Civil War

And it's not very civil. Here's a report from the front lines:

One of the things that makes this division in the Democratic ranks so intense is that each side of this demographic divide would prefer to win with as minimal help from the other side as possible. Read the pro-Obama blogs; their comments drip with contempt for the demographics in Hillary's coalition - the elderly, unions, Catholics, the white working class, etc. They see these folks as more socially conservative, resistant to radical change, and holding back the party from embracing its true progressive ideals.

(One other wrinkle - your average liberal blogger thinks our Middle East policy is way too deferential to Israel's interests, and bristles at what they see as pandering to Jewish voters, such as promising to "obliterate" those who would attack the Jewish state.)

Meanwhile, the white working class, the elderly and Catholic tend to look at the Obama coalition - the young activists, African-Americans, and the latte-sipping university professors - with a certain amount of suspicion and distrust. All this talk of ethereal "change" and not enough how you'll help put more food on the table.

Also, heard from a smart conservative strategist a day or so ago... this is what happens when your party is made up of groups that want government to do things for them (and spend time and resources) vs. when your party is made up of groups that want government to get off their backs and go away.

I just keep munching popcorn.


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Brock wrote:

Based on the very last sentence you quote I see that the myth of Republicans as "small government" types is still going strong. As someone who actually wants government to get off our backs in most respects I feel very much alone when hanging out with GOP folks. They want stuff, just different stuff than Democrats.

Bill Maron wrote:

Brock, the difference is Republicans want things from the government. Democrats want the government to run everything and decide who gets what. I disagree with the amount many Republicans seem to expect the government to give them.

DaveP. wrote:

Brock, the difference is that when Republicans talk small goverment and deliver Governzilla, the Republican voters stop voting for and donating to them. Remember 2006? Even if you don't, just look at the current fundraising records from McVain's campaign.

When Democrats deliver THE Universal State, their voters cheer and open their pocketbooks unto the last bit of lint- because huge, intrusive, omnipresent, omnicontrolling government is what they want and feel they deserve.

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