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The White Man's Burden

Frank J. says that too much is expected of us. I liked this comment:

Hell yea! Why do we always have to be the "reasonable" ones; for once I just want to forget about the real issues, the constitution, and logic, and just vote for someone who looks like me, or has the same plumbing.

Hey, you can do it. Just become a Democrat.

This one, too, from a "Peg C.":

Let's see: Blacks vote 95% - 5% for Obama, women must be voting something like 60 - 40 for Hillary (not sure but every idiot female I work with is for Hillary), white Dem men (yes, I know - oxymoron) are voting 45 - 55 for Obama...and white men are the racists and sexists?? Only in Nora Ephron's fantasy world...

Unfortunately, a lot of people reside in Nora Ephron's fantasy world.


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Al Fin wrote:

If you look at the fact that neither Hillary nor Obama have anything near the experience or wisdom they would need to be president "of all the people" it is hard to join in Nora's world's fantasy utopian viewpoint.

A pox on both their houses.

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