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Not Just Hillary?

Do the superdelegates mind if Obama loses? If not, then it makes Hillary!'s uphill battle even steeper.


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Leland wrote:

That's pretty much the logic I've heard from conservatives like Sean Hannity. Obama seems to have longer coat tails than Clinton. Alas, it would be better for Clinton to run against McCain than Obama, if you want a smaller Democratic presence in Congress.

By the way, I think the Pelosi/Reid Congress has lived up to the my expectations. I suspect they will get hammered for the record over the last two years. I'm not saying it will be a positive outcome for Republicans in November, since there is a Presidential election at the top. But, the Democrat Congress has been the utter failure it was predicted to be. Pelosi/Reid came to power running against a corrupt, "do nothing" Congress, yet have managed to be more corrupt, do nothing on the war (this isn't entirely bad except they did meet with the enemy), and have run the economy into the ground. I don't see that as a stellar record to run on in November.

To tie this back in, if the Democrat Congressional record is this bad, they'll need "a person of change" at the top to make it seem like they have something new to offer. Obama offers more of the "third way" than Hillary.

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