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Sixties Nostalgia

Here's more on Barack Obama's crazy uncle and aunt, whom he couldn't choose.

Right? I mean, you can't choose your relatives.

What? They're not relatives? He chose them?

Well, so what?

Stop asking questions, and let me eat my waffle.

[Update after 10 PM EDT]

Here is a link roundup about Obama's terrorist friends.

Which is quite ironic, given that Obama's entry in the race will now almost certainly presage a repeat of the 1968 Chicago convention, except that it will instead be in the mile-high city.

[Thursday morning update]

Is Obama's "official campaign blogger" a Marxist?

I certainly wouldn't be shocked. It's all of a pattern. It's that new politics, doncha know?


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Ed Minchau wrote:

I think you're missing a link where it says "here is a link roundup..."

Rand Simberg wrote:

Fixed now, sorry.

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