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So What's With Rocketplane?

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Big D wrote:

Dead, mostly.


Jim Bennett wrote:

It's just resting.

ech wrote:

Ask Schrodinger's cat.

Ashley wrote:

I think that Rotary's reboot into XCOR was pretty successful, but I doubt that Rocketplane will benefit from a rebirth. It's been infected by the Kistler kiss of death, and I've always disagreed with their basic technical concept.

X-Cor is a "reboot" of the Rotary propulsion team, and not all of that.

As for Rocketplane, it's had >100% turnover on technical staff before and survived.

Habitat Hermit wrote:

Undead? ^_^

Aleta wrote:

XCOR. X C O R. All caps. No hyphen. No periods. Nonsense word we made up because it sounds cool.

lmg wrote:

Pining for the fjords?

wtf wrote:

Nailed to a perch!

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