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An Obama administration would be a third Clinton term. Except without Bill and Hillary. Er...and presumably the sex scandals. Though there seems ample material for other kinds, given his campaign so far.


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always right wrote:

You are an optimist. Clinton 3rd term? Clinton basically did not screw up too badly (Thanks to the Republican controlled congress).

Obama presidency would be 'infinitely' worse.

Rand Simberg wrote:

Clinton didn't have a Republican-controlled Congress in his first two years. In fact, Clinton's first two years are how we got a Republican-controlled Congress. Obama would likely have a similar effect.

Mike Earl wrote:

Carter's second term.

Bill Maron wrote:

How about the 1st Clinter term? The financial scandals from Clinton and the foreign policy failures of Carter. I'm sure ther are more Rezkos out there and Iran is STILL an issue.

Anonymous wrote:

Seems like Simberg is beginning to realize that McCain is going to lose big. Let me restate that - BIG.

Paul Milenkovic wrote:

No Rand, you and everyone else have it completely wrong. It would be Carter's 4th term.

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