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The Rough Road To Space

I have a new piece up over at Pajamas Media on space transportation and the Interstate Highway System.

Hey, it was Mike Griffin who made the analogy, not me.

I should also note that while the title is mine, the subheadline is theirs.

[Late afternoon update]

Only Mark Whittington would have the native talent to so misread this piece as to think that I was "expressing astonishment." Of course, it's not the first time that he's fantasized about my views.

[Another update]

Now Mark is fantasizing that I actually want, or expect NASA to build the Interstate to space.

Well, it's totally in character for him.

I sure wish he'd learn to read for comprehension.


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Paul Spudis wrote:

I should also note that while the title is mine, the subheadline is theirs.

"Bureaucratic dinosaur" is an oxymoron. The dinosaurs became extinct, but a bureaucracy is forever.

Brock wrote:

Paul, generally I would agree with that, but somehow the Defense Department and DARPA avoid many of the problems associated with bureaucracy. Especially DARPA. That's why reviving NACA could be a good idea, if it was run with a realization of how easy it is to fall into "the Dinosaur Trap".

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