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Resume Padding?

Categories: Media Criticism, Political Commentary
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In Obama's campaign ad:

Even under the most generous reading imaginable could any of that count as passing legislation that extended health care for wounded troops? The Chicago Tribune noted the problem on its blog last week but defended Obama by pointing out that John McCain didn't vote for the bill either. That would be an interesting piece of information if John McCain had cited this bill as among his chief legislative accomplishments.

The Obama team's desire to pad the resume is understandable -- it's awfully slim after all. But this kind of dishonesty will catch up with them...or at least it should.

Yes, it should, but maybe it won't. Bill Clinton's supporters didn't seem to mind that he was an inveterate liar. But Obama's supporters (which includes much of the media) not only don't mind, but actually hope he is.

[Afternoon update]

Is he finally losing his teflon?

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Anonymous wrote:

Resume padding? Did he ever stop?

Carl Pham wrote:

Honestly, I don't give a rat's ass whether his resume is entirely empty. The only job that conceivably prepares you for being President is being governor of a state.

But you don't need expertise to be President. That's what your staff is for, including the million or so (I forget) people who work for the government.

What you need is good judgment, particularly in picking your friends and associates. You need to pick Secretaries of Defense and State who have integrity and judgment, you have to nominate judges who are honest and modest, you have to pick a chief of staff who is never going to embarass you.

Unfortunately, the theme of Presidential vetting has seemed to veer from these key issues to its exact opposite. People look at whom Obama has trusted and associated with for ten years and say oh well that doesn't matter so much because...why? Because you haven't figured out that who he trusts and associates with when he's President can make or break the Republic?

Instead we get this goofball emphasis on "ideas." As if the top level of government are inhabited by $150,000 a year dolts, who haven't had a new "idea" since the Johnson Administration. And all we need is for the "idea" man to come in and propose one -- Hey! How about if we stop all this racial hating, huh? Or just ask Ahmadinejad politely to stop sending IEDs to Iraq? -- and the world is just going to slap its forehead D'oh! Why didn't we think of that?! and all will be well.

We don't need "ideas," we don't need a fat resume, we don't need an expert in the office. We just need someone with first-class integrity and principles, and a superb judge of men. The fact that the debate has been almost entirely hijacked by the the same folk worshipping at the altar of IQ who brought us eugenics and fascism in the last century is unfortunate.

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